I had an interesting encounter today.  Actually, two.

This afternoon, I was introduced to a pretty neat gal.  When I walked into the building she manages, she was so excited- and was showing off her special gift that her staff had given her.  It was a beautiful bouquet of birthday balloons.  She is a member of a very special club.  Her birthday is on September 11.

I know 5 other people who have a birthday that begins with 9/11.  I am one of them.    When I told her that it was my birthday too… she just grabbed me and gave me a great big bear hug!

When things settled down, we sat down to chat, and she said this to me:  Only people born on 9/11 really understand the sadness that comes with sharing your birthday with the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on US soil.  I had never had this conversation with anyone else before.  Because honestly, it sounds whiny.  And selfish.  But that’s not at the heart of the thing.  You see, September 11th now, is a day to honor those who lost their lives that day.  It is a day to remember the fear, the absolute shock, the overwhelming sense of loss, AND, the way in which Americans came together to comfort one another.  We must remember.

We quickly realized that we both shared many of the attributes of a Virgo… and of course, we thought they were all fabulous!  Because… we’re Virgos!  It was a good day.

Oh… the other interesting encounter?  Today, as I was driving down a long, straight country road… I saw a real LIVE armadillo cross the road.  I’ve only ever seen the ones that didn’t make it all the way across!  So, it was a good day all around!


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