Heat Wave

If you haven’t heard, the Pacific Northwest is in the middle of a heatwave!  Usually, our heatwave is later in the year, maybe August, or September even.  But not this year!  Temperatures in Portland are in the high 90’s!  But here on the coast… not so much.  Now don’t get me wrong, here on the coast, we still think it’s hot!  The high on the coast was 69- and where we live, just 8 miles inland, it was 78.

I feel kind of badly, because my sister sent me a text on Sunday with a picture of temperature in her car in Dallas, Texas.  It was 112.  Holymotherofpearl!  I immediately sent her a pic of the temperature in Toledo… it was 59.  I was in shorts, for the love of Pete!

This morning, when I got in the hot tub, it was 48.  FORTY-EIGHT!  Just a little nippy!  It didn’t stay that way long… but still.

It’s funny how perspective is, isn’t it?  I was just certain we would melt in this heatwave, and yet, my sister is dealing with temperatures that are 50 degrees hotter!  It makes me think that perhaps as a whole, we should be a little more thoughtful about passing judgment on others before we have walked in their shoes.  And let’s hope for now, that those shoes are sandals!


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