I’m with the band

We had a great Saturday!  The hubster’s band played one of the local fairs, opening for Lonestar.  It was a pretty big deal.  Jay Fleming and the Unlikely Saints have a great sound- somewhere between country, rock and soul.  There’s nothing better than watching grown men get prepared for a big opportunity!


For Christmas this last year, Andy gave me a Tshirt that says:  “I’m a drummer’s wife.  It’s just like a regular wife, but way cooler!”  I love it!  It’s funny, when we pass by people when I’m wearing it (like this morning), people look at me, read the shirt and then immediately look at Andy!  Fun times!

I’ve earned it!  I’ve spent many a Saturday night in parks, dance halls, bars and the like, listening to him play.  When we first met, he was playing in 3 different bands, and we were road tripping to gigs all over the place!  Usually, the wives and girlfriends get a table close to the band and hang out, drink a little and dance a little.  Sometimes, we danced with each other (!) and other times, we would dance with the guys that were there.  I remember one time- and I swear this is true- my friend Dana and I had just sat down from dancing with a few of the guys.  One of them sat down to give me his life story, which included his marital status, etc.  I listened politely, until I could get a word in, and said, “It’s ok.  I’m going home with the drummer.”  I giggled all night remembering that, and honestly, I still giggle thinking of it.

So, you know,  I’ve hauled drums, helped set them up and helped take them down.  I like helping him… it makes me feel a part of the whole thing.  So, Saturday, I was the proud wearer of a hot pink backstage “bracelet!”

But this time, there was an entire crew there to unload the rig and help set up things! I’m not talking about 2-3 guys… it was closer to 10 men and women, and they knew what they were doing!  It was pretty cool to watch how they worked.  It was like a well oiled machine… truly.  Andy’s drums were on a riser, which was on wheels.  So when it was time for them to take the stage and play, they just moved the riser behind all the other musicians.  It was  cool!


Notice the pink bracelet on his left wrist!

We really weren’t sure what to expect… sometimes bands can be treated really well, and other times, well, not so much!  But the Linn County Fair treated the band like royalty!  They even had their own trailer to rest in!  How cool is that?

I had a blast!  And I know they did too!

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