Change of Plans

Today is our day at home.  We’ve been working all week, and we really just needed a day to do stuff around the house.  The hubster wanted to finish working in the yard (it’s big!) and I wanted to do some deep cleaning I have been ignoring.  🙂  I don’t know about you, but I love a good playlist to get going when I’m in full cleaning mode.   I had a GREAT one today…  I named it “Cleaning House!”

So, one of the things I wanted to get done today was to wipe down the walls where the dogs lay.  Let’s just say that the walls are white.  Except where they lay against them.  ick.  I carry around a big ol bowl full of Pinesol and hot water.  I works really well!

Today, Kanye (dog not rapper) was keeping me company.  I don’t know about you guys, but I talk to Kanye like she is human.  I think she gets what I’m saying… we’re pretty tight.  So ANYway, I was headed down the stairs to get the walls by the front door, singing my heart out to Journey, and I got the words wrong.  Has that ever happened to you?  Ah, well.  I looked at Kanye and told her I got them wrong, and well, because I tend to talk with my hands… I lost my balance.  Whoooopsie!  I spilled about half the Pinesol on the floor in my efforts to maintain my upright status!  BUT, I didn’t fall down the stairs!  Whew!

I hadn’t planned to scrub the stairs right at the moment… but you know, what else are you supposed to do with all that water on the floor?  So I got the mop and proceeded to scrub the stairs.

Isn’t it funny how your plans change from what you were sure you were supposed to do?  It’s happened to me a lot!  When I was in college, back in the day, I just KNEW I was going to teach third grade forEVER.  But God had other plans for me.  I never did teach third grade… in fact, I never taught anything lower than 6th grade.  And I have zero regrets.

I have a pretty strong belief that there are no coincidences… God gives you what you need, when you need it.  AND, I believe in “signs.”

When I had my car accident (see this post), I had just been hired to teach in the Pribilof Islands in Alaska.  I didn’t yet have my Alaska teaching credential, and I didn’t know how long it would take to get it, so when I got a call to interview in my hometown of Glendale, I went!  After the interview, I had a pretty good feeling I was going to get that job (sometimes you just have a feeling about these things) and so, as I am known to do, I talked to God on my way home from the interview that day.

I knew that my family was headed to Alaska, regardless of the outcome of the interview in Glendale, and so, you know, I wanted some guidance.  And I swear, I said…”God, if you don’t want us to go to Alaska, give me a sign.”  And not 5 minutes later, I had a pretty significant car accident.  When I got to the ER,  my mother told me that I had been offered the job in Glendale.  When I got out of surgery, the doctor told me that there was no way I was going to Alaska… as I wouldn’t be walking by the time school started… I was going to need to be in a wheelchair, and there weren’t sidewalks where I was going!

Not what I had planned… but you know, it all worked out, and I truly believe I was meant to be there!  I’ve had that feeling a lot in my life.  Even in disappointment, there is a silver lining.   I’ve been living in the silver lining for the last year… just enjoying the ebb and flow of life.  It’s a good feeling.


One thought on “Change of Plans

  1. I don’t think I knew you were headed to Alaska. That has been my lifelong dream but never happened. Now I’m just planning to visit. I too believe God has a plan if we would just listen. Love you!


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