Small Town, America

Yesterday, Andy and I took a little road trip.  We went through several small towns celebrating Independence Day with parades.  I love that small town community culture!  Folks start putting their lawn chairs up on the sidewalks hours before the parade starts.  They bring their coolers, their blankets and their families.

I love that these 4th of July parades include just about anyone who wants to participate- as long as they fit the theme.  And, how cool is it to be in a parade?  Talk about upping your self esteem.   You could be a biker with a flag flying behind you, a princess on a float- or in a classic car (!), a member of the band or a cheerleader, a little kiddo wearing red, white and blue, a fireman, a police officer or a cowgirl on a horse… everyone is welcome!

Now I haven’t been in a parade in YEARS… but I can remember how I felt marching down the streets of my home town (I was usually in the band).  These days, if I were to be in a parade,  I can almost guarantee that I’d be wearing one of my tiaras.  I’m what you call a self proclaimed princess.  Not because I was born into a royal family, or because I’m a snob, or because I have been allowed into an aristocracy… nope.  It’s because I love tiaras.  LOVE.  Them.  I even wore one in my wedding!


I’ve tried to pass on my love for tiaras to my daughter and nieces… I think they just wear them when I’m around… you know… cause it’s easier to wear it than to put up with my obnoxious begging.

Sometimes, I wear them to clean house.  It just makes it a little more fun to vacuum with a feel of royalty!  They make you feel special.

It’s the same with the parade.  You feel special waving to the people in your community who know and love you.  These are the people who will call your mom when you go speeding through town, and who will be cheering you on when the team makes it to the playoffs.  They will buy the chocolate you sell to fund the band trip, and they’ll send a box of cookies with the bus when it leaves.  They are your people.  They are your family.  It’s just one more thing about living in Small Town, America.

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