Oh the Coast Life!

I’ve lived on the Oregon Coast for 3 years now.  We moved here just about the time the Cascadia Subduction Zone hysteria began.  I’m not going to lie-  all the news reports… they had my attention.  My full attention!  At the time, we lived right on the beach, and although it was absolutely gorgeous…  I really didn’t want to wake up with sand in my mouth!

In any case, today, we went to the dock and bought fresh halibut.  It’s one of the best things about living near the ocean!  There’s a boat docked there, called The Chelsea Rose and they sell fresh local fish.  Today, they had halibut, snapper, tuna, salmon, lingcod and crab.  You have to buy the whole fish to get the best price, but holy cow- what a deal!  I bought a 15 pound fish, and put about 10 pounds of fillets in the freezer to eat on all winter.  There is just nothing better!


We brought it home, cut it into fillets, and used the Foodsaver to package it, and put it in the freezer.  About 30 minutes of work.  I can totally do that for 1/2 the price to have someone else do it!

In a few weeks, I’ll go back and buy a tuna.  You know, the whole fish… cause it’s a better deal!  Anyway, I’ll bring it home and can it.  If you have only ever had canned tuna from a store- you’ve never had the best tuna.  You just haven’t.  The crazy thing is, it’s just so easy!  Of all the things I can, it’s really one of the simplest things to can, and oh-so-worth it!

Fresh fish is just one of the benefits of living on the coast.  One of the other things I love is the blueberry farm!  The farm opens up for about 2 weeks every year for U-Pick.  Of course, you can buy the berries that they pick, but you know… I’m a cheapskate, and the better deal is when you go and pick them yourself!  The first year, I picked about 25 pounds… that lasted until about February.  Last year, I took my husband, and together we picked about 50 pounds.  We ran out in January.  Go figure!

The coast has a lot of activities… You can hike the Pacific Coast Trail, go camping, ride the dunes, visit the light houses, sail the deep blue sea, or peruse any number of museums.  Or, you can just go down to the beach, light a fire and roast marshmallows!

I have lived in a lot of places- but living on the coast is just a low key, relaxed kind of place to live!  If you need to chill out- you can be at a beach with your feet in the sand in no time.  Is there anything more calming that watching the waves roll in?


From Spring Break until after Labor Day, there are a ton of tourists, and so it takes awhile to get places… and the beaches are full of people flying kites and building sand castles.   But you know what?  That’s just fine.  Those tourists keep local businesses going, and  I can live with that.

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