I love this time of year.  Yeah, it’s Christmas time…, there’s the lights, the tree, and, you know, the chocolate…  but the thing I love the most is that the kids come home!  The older they get, the less time they spend at home, and so it becomes such a special time- at least for their parents! So, the first one home arrived two days … Continue reading Homecoming

I’m with the band

We had a great Saturday!  The hubster’s band played one of the local fairs, opening for Lonestar.  It was a pretty big deal.  Jay Fleming and the Unlikely Saints have a great sound- somewhere between country, rock and soul.  There’s nothing better than watching grown men get prepared for a big opportunity! For Christmas this last year, Andy gave me a Tshirt that says:  “I’m a … Continue reading I’m with the band