I’m with the band

We had a great Saturday!  The hubster’s band played one of the local fairs, opening for Lonestar.  It was a pretty big deal.  Jay Fleming and the Unlikely Saints have a great sound- somewhere between country, rock and soul.  There’s nothing better than watching grown men get prepared for a big opportunity! For Christmas this last year, Andy gave me a Tshirt that says:  “I’m a … Continue reading I’m with the band

Small Town, America

Yesterday, Andy and I took a little road trip.  We went through several small towns celebrating Independence Day with parades.  I love that small town community culture!  Folks start putting their lawn chairs up on the sidewalks hours before the parade starts.  They bring their coolers, their blankets and their families. I love that these 4th of July parades include just about anyone who wants … Continue reading Small Town, America

Oh the Coast Life!

I’ve lived on the Oregon Coast for 3 years now.  We moved here just about the time the Cascadia Subduction Zone hysteria began.  I’m not going to lie-  all the news reports… they had my attention.  My full attention!  At the time, we lived right on the beach, and although it was absolutely gorgeous…  I really didn’t want to wake up with sand in my … Continue reading Oh the Coast Life!